Dog groomers open doors, repair shop relocates

Posted 6/18/19
MIDDLESEX — Town officials and business leaders held two ribbon-cuttings last week to celebrate the launch of a pet grooming shop and the relocation and expansion of a popular auto shop. Bow …

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Dog groomers open doors, repair shop relocates

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MIDDLESEX — Town officials and business leaders held two ribbon-cuttings last week to celebrate the launch of a pet grooming shop and the relocation and expansion of a popular auto shop.

Bow Wowza Boutique

Gina Searls and Lee Olmoz opened Bow Wowza Boutique in April after working in the dog grooming business for several years. They said the idea of being in a new area with different clientele as well as the opportunity to own their own shop was appealing to them.

“We get to do things more in the way we thought they should be done,” said Searls.

“Most dogs are fearful coming into an environment that they don’t know, and we’re using tools and touching things they’re not used to. If they get to play, it’s more comfortable and inviting. I think it helps relax them,” said Olmoz.

Bow Wowza offers pet owners an all-inclusive grooming experience for their fur babies, including bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, de-shed and cut. The boutique is bright and welcoming, with toys and pink pet-sized furniture and plenty of enclosed space for them to roam. The boutique also offers doggy day care and pet pickup for elderly or homebound pet owners.

“I don’t like to put dogs in cages. I wouldn’t want to be caged up and I don’t figure they do either,” Searls said. “We have to take some precautions to make sure they’re safe, but once they’re dry they come out to play, and we play with them.”

Having worked as a dog groomer for more than 17 years, Olmoz said dog grooming is a purpose and calling for her.

“Most people who come through our door become family after one or two visits and the dogs are wagging their tails,” Olmoz said.

Bow Wowza Boutique is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and is located at 11513 W. Finch Ave. For more information, call 252-235-3084 or visit the business’ Facebook page via the shortened link https://bit.ly/2KoX0x0.

All-Star Auto & Tire

Danielle and Russ Dubrucq recently moved their auto repair business into the former fire department in the heart of Middlesex.

“We did well with what we had, but we didn’t know how much we could grow by moving,” Danielle Dubrucq said.

Russ said the move has allowed him to expand, and he is currently installing a dedicated tire bay that he said will be in operation soon.

“The tire shop is the big thing I’m trying to get going. We’re almost there, just a few more hours of work and that’ll be ready to go,” Russ Dubrucq said.

The lobby, which doubles as a store selling insulated cups, coolers and other merchandise, is cozy and inviting, a feel Danielle Dubrucq said she worked hard to cultivate in order to be more amenable to families.

“I wanted women to be able to bring their children when they wait for their cars, because most mechanic shops aren’t family-friendly,” she said. “We just try to cater to our customers the best we can.”

“Some people come in with their laptops and they can plug in,” Russ Dubrucq added.

The Dubrucqs pride themselves on delivering fair service.

“I only charge for what I do,” Russ Dubrucq said. “I don’t charge a looking fee, and if I run a diagnostic on the computer and they have me fix it, I’ll waive that.”

If it had not been for the Middlesex community, especially friend Randy Stallings, and loyal customers, the Dubrucqs said they may not be in business today.

“I actually was going to stop. I was not going to work on cars anymore and go work for somebody else. But they wouldn’t let me. They said they’d help us in any way to do this,” Russ Dubrucq said.

All-Star Auto & Tire is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays. For more information, call 252-235-3122 or visit www.allstarautonc.com.