Don’t fault America for standing up for itself on trade

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Re: “Trade war likely to hurt Americans more than China,” by Cyrus Shamloo, Tuesday:

There seems to be a theme that America is shallow, shortsighted, foolish, reckless and always falling short of the wisdom of other nations.

Let’s put aside that this upstart,”empty” nation of ours gave the world: Polio vaccine, flight, television, radio, assembly lines, the automobile, the telephone, motion pictures, computers and a strong, vibrant middle class. Perhaps we still “get” how the world operates.

In spite of the dollar comparison losses in Mr. Shamloo’s analysis, I wonder if:

1. America’s economy being healthier and more robust than China’s, we can live with those losses longer than China can and we know China knows this?

2. The dollars listed in the criticism of the trade war did not take into consideration China’s longstanding theft of American intellectual property and how many millions or billions that amounts to.

3. Perhaps silly America is sending another message: That China, who has been a bad-faith actor in building a threatening blue-water navy and artificial islands in the South China Sea, has the notice of other nations and a trade war is, partially, a shot across the bow to warn them about those illegal, dangerous and, dare I say, “foolish” activities.

I am fed up with America always being labeled as a danger or foolish.

I don’t have room here to enumerate all the peoples of the world who are alive and prospering today because of silly, short-sighted America.

Are we flawless? Hell no. Have we been a light and a beacon to the world and made more contributions to mankind in a relative short amount of time?

That answer is so obvious even China and Iran can see it.

Mark Levin