Don’t force readers to validate gay lifestyle

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Re: “Mother, daughter share coming-out story at Barton,” Tuesday:

Surely the realization that one’s child is gay or anything else on the LGBTQ? smorgasbord can be concerning and perhaps a little disconcerting; but, is it really a reason to have an above-the-fold front-page article in The Wilson Times?

Is the Times’ need to be “woke” such that it is willing to normalize lifestyles that many, especially in this community, still find objectionable? Barton, as a private school, can promote whatever it wishes to the detriment of its students and society.

Both the Proctors appear to be loving and care for each other. EJ, the daughter, was concerned about hurting her mom and brother; and Kathy, the mom, wanted to not exclude her daughter from the family. Nevertheless, the attitude toward mainstream Christianity’s gay conversion therapy by both women strikes one as dismissive and narrow-minded on the part of the Proctors. There are many instances of people wanting to move away from the gay lifestyle who have been re-oriented to a healthier way of life. Through prayer and behavioral modification, people can leave what they perceive as a less-than optimal lifestyle. The stories are out there but are not well-publicized due to the heat publishers would experience from the LGBTQ? militants.

That gay people feel discriminated against in everyday life may be a matter of perception on their part rather than actual prejudice. Most ordinary folks and especially businesses go out of their way to not discriminate. So when EJ’s girlfriend did not get a job at certain law firms, it was probably not due to anti-gay attitudes but rather that this young woman was not the correct fit for the job. Instead of looking for discrimination, one must be open to the possibility that other factors are at play.

Forgive those who do not embrace a lifestyle that has been considered immoral and sinful for millennia and only recently has been de-stigmatized. We, the retrograde, mired-in-the-past majority, should not be forced to celebrate or even embrace the poor choices others make and our wishes should be respected also.

Julia Yancey