Easy cookies for holiday treats

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These delicious crinkle cookies are made with a cake mix. Give them a try!
These delicious crinkle cookies are made with a cake mix. Give them a try!
Lisa Boykin Batts | Times

With Christmas less than a week away, there’s still so much to do: last-minute shopping trips, gift-wrapping, housecleaning for guests, grocery shopping for big meals to come.

If you still have some holiday baking to do, I have a suggestion for an easy cookie.

Since the beginning of December, I’ve received emails for Betty Crocker’s 24 Days of Cookies. It’s been fun to see the different recipes pop in my inbox from Russian Tea Cakes and Thumbprint Bars to Cran-Pistachio Cookies and Chocolate-Cherry Chewies.

But the recipe that I tried was Cake Mix Fudge Crinkle Cookies. If you’ve ever made cake mix cookies, then you know how easy they are. The cake mix streamlines the process.

This recipe has very few ingredients: a box of devil’s food cake mix, vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla and powdered sugar.

All you do is mix the batter with a spoon and let it chill in the refrigerator. Then make 30 cookies from the batter. I used my cookie scoop to measure the batter then gently rolled the balls in my hand. Next, I dropped the balls in a bowl of powdered sugar and rolled them around until they were covered. Then they baked.

The cookies are ready in around 10 minutes and are so pretty with their powdered sugar crinkle. They are not just pretty either, they are soft and delicious! I love the extra sweetness of the powder sugar.

I made two batches Tuesday morning: one using a devil’s food cake mix, the other with a red velvet cake mix. I mixed the devil’s food first, and while that dough chilled, I mixed the red velvet. It was an assembly line of sorts for about an hour until all 60 cookies were cooling on my table. With so many cookies, I was able to divide them and share with co-workers and family.

Although I’ve only tried the recipe with two cake mixes, I’ve read reviews on the Betty Crocker website for with other options. Some bakers used different chocolate cake mixes, others made the cookies from a lemon cake mix. Some mixed in chocolate chips or white chocolate chips, and others added frosting — that would make them too sweet for me!

Whatever option you choose, give this easy recipe a try!