Economy doesn’t mitigate Trump’s corruption, bullying

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Re: “Trump-haters ignore soaring economy, overlook Dems’ scandals,” by Art Tozzi, Thursday:

First of all, Art, I am offended that you omitted me in your tantrum.

Trump is a bully and corrupt. I suspect you understand the first of those as you have attempted to bully everyone who has openly disagreed with you in the past. Perhaps it goes back to your testosterone-charged military days that you refer to so often. I won’t speak to the corrupt portion as I don’t know you that well.

I have, however, noticed lately the parallels of the right wing to justify its opposition to an assault rifle ban to that of the abortion rights battle. When you get pregnant, we can then discuss your opinions about abortion. Until then, let the women deal with it. Perhaps abortion is just a convenient scapegoat when conservatives need to protect their ability to blast off a few hundred rounds to restore their masculine juices.

Evil is evil, regardless of the political stripes. I opposed Clinton. I oppose Trump. If the economy were the only measure of America, you could stand atop that argument. I doubt some of your numbers. But surely Fox “News” fact-checked its figures before passing them on.

Churchill was a proponent of empire. Britain enslaved half the world in the name of civilization, but truthfully only in the interest of riches. His legacy is spotty at best. Now you want to justify Trump because of the sleazebag Clinton and all his shenanigans. Mass murder is wrong. Regardless of all else.

I am delighted that you care so much for the welfare of people of color. I’ve never before seen you speak with such passion about their well-being before.

Now that I’ve finished writing my trilogy, I am free to respond to your opinions more often. Please, don’t ignore my loyal opposition in the future.

Dave Hager