Letter of the Month: Encourage dog-walkers to clean up after their pets

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On a Monday, Sept. 3 visit to Lake Wilson Park, I counted over 40 cars — some said more. I observed bicyclists, kayakers, fishermen, runners, disc golfers, walkers and walkers with dogs.

One group is making a concerted effort to ruin the park for others.

That group is a subgroup of walkers with dogs. It is the group of dog-walkers who have no more common courtesy than to clean up behind their pets when necessary.

I have made a couple of simple suggestions to the recreation administration to help the situation. They have fallen on deaf ears. Here is one suggestion.

At the beginning of each walk direction, erect welcome posts that welcome all walkers and for the dog owners who have “forgotten” their cleanup bags. provide complimentary bags for this walk and a reminder to bring their own bags on their next visits.

It seems the new bridge is surprising the park folks as to the new popularity of this now no longer diamond in the rough among our park system.

I’ll be interested in the next few days and weeks to see if this gets done.

Mike Radford


Editor’s Note: In a first-time tie, this letter is a September nominee for the Elizabeth Swindell Award for local commentary. Swindell Award winners and monthly nominees are selected by the Times and republished to note the recognition.