Eyes on Main Street needs Wilson’s support

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On behalf on my board and all the artists I represent, as the artistic director of your international photography festival, I would like to thank you warmly for your support.

We are making waves abroad, you will soon discover a wonderful article to be published on June 1in Sydney, Australia, about Eyes on Main Street, a four-page spread in Artist Profile with large photographs of our historic downtown. Two years ago, Vogue magazine came to walk the length of the exhibition, giving the festival very high notes on a beautifully crafted art project.

The world loves us, but do we love ourselves?

We have room to grow faster — all of us, all the other organizations bringing science, art or fun in your life. Even if photography is not your thing, Eyes on Main Street does bring a lot of visitors to Nash Street and makes Nash Street look really cool; there is no denying that the huge posters bring charm to our downtown. With eight exhibitions and about 700 photographs in total, we are becoming very trendy.

This year, we had representation from every continent on opening day. From May 2015 to April 2018, 72 photographers have flown from Sydney, Singapore, Milan, Bamako, New Delhi or New York to be with you.

To make ends meet, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a smooth transition to a fifth edition. Pledges can be made through this shortened link: https://kck.st/2IwgApp.

Each year, mainly through our sponsor-a-photograph program, we have between 80 and 90 local donors, and we are very grateful to these visionaries, without them the festival would not exist.

We never had more than 90 local sponsors. So in a county of about 81,000 souls, can we not find more than one tenth of 1 percent to support us?

Please consider donating $10 or $20. Even a few dollars multiplied by thousands and thousands of people would make for a very successful campaign.

On Kickstarter, a great source of crowdfunding, as total strangers do support us online, it is all or nothing on calling day! On June 26, the festival will need $12,500 to be pledged on the campaign; otherwise we will get nothing.

They believe in us in Sydney. Can we believe in ourselves the same way they do?

Jerome De Perlinghi


The writer is founder and artistic director of the Eyes on Main Street photography festival.