Farmer-Butterfield’s backers fail to make their case

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Re: “Fontenot should campaign on issues instead of denigrating Farmer-Butterfield’s character,” by Linda Cooper-Suggs et al., Oct. 22:

Ms. Farmer-Butterfield’s supporters’ explanation/justification/rationalization for her candidacy in the Letters section a few days ago falls rather short in several key areas.

One, “she took care of her parents.” While that is sweet, that isn’t a qualification to lead and legislate any more than clean fingernails or signaling when changing lanes makes you a “leader.” You are “supposed” to be good to your family. I am not denigrating her, merely pointing out that if you have to use that to bolster your argument, your argument is very weak or non-existent.

Second, any common-sense person can see that the second, large, expensive home in Johnston County is not just a “stopover” for visiting the state capital. And when her supporters and spokeswoman comes right out and tells you she spends most of her legislative and other work time there, that pretty much draws a clear picture that “residence time” in Wilson is minimal and Ms. Farmer-Butterfield is a resident of Garner.

Third, there seems to be a clear audit trail of misleading, if not outright false, documents that allowed the purchase and use of the Garner home as described by the candidate.

Call me fussy, but I am looking for someone with more solid credentials, extraordinary effort and less questionable financial transactions to represent me, my neighbors and my community than what has been admitted to and proudly presented by Ms. Farmer-Butterfield’s advocates.

After years — decades? — of posed, plastic, transparent politicos pretending to lead while basking in the glow of fame and added income and benefits, I’m ready for fresh, bold, authentic leadership, not “Here-I-Am, Vote-Me-In Again” entitled autocrats.

Mark Levin