Feed the Children restocks local pantries

Posted 7/18/19

More than a dozen churches will have restocked food pantries as a result of a truckload of foodstuffs and other necessary items from Feed the Children that arrived Thursday.

Candy Taylor, …

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Feed the Children restocks local pantries

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More than a dozen churches will have restocked food pantries as a result of a truckload of foodstuffs and other necessary items from Feed the Children that arrived Thursday.

Candy Taylor, co-founder of the nonprofit New Christian Food Pantry and Child Development Center, was there to receive the truck with about 30 volunteers in a parking lot adjacent to the L.N. Forbes Tabernacle on Lane Street.

“This is awesome today. Even in this heat,” Taylor said. “With the children being out of school, there are so many families that have need. They may get some social help but there’s nothing there now. When the pantries are empty, we work together. This comes in for 10 other ministries other than ourselves. So you are feeding more than just in Wilson.”

The truck from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania arrived at noon and was met with volunteers with dollies and hand trucks.

“We can’t do it by ourselves. I thank God for people that have the heart also and the passion to want to go help somebody. That’s what we have to do,” Taylor said. “We’ve got to help one another and build it up. When we started, we would get one truck a year from Feed the Children. Last year we started getting one every other month. We are getting one every month now. We did that.”

“This is amazing. This is what we need,” said volunteer Carlton Stephens of Stevens Funeral Home. “I wish we had trucks coming every day with the help to unload it, of course. It feeds so many people. I love helping. It’s going to be a hot day, but it’s worth it. There is nothing wrong with sweating for a good cause.”

Nicky Williams, pastor at Redeeming Star Christian Center in Pikeville, said the donation will help lots of people in various areas.

“This is wonderful. This is God’s work. We see resources that God has blessed us with so we can bless the community,” Williams said. “We thank God that God gave her (Candy) the vision and that we are part of the vision so that we can be a blessing to those in need.”

Elder Johnny Smith of Fremont-based New Daniel Chapel Free Will Baptist Church said he was happy with the shipment.

“I’m glad to be able to help other people to be blessed and that’s what I am all about,” Smith said. “It will help them to go out and the bless other people because other people are in need of these types of blessings.”

All the volunteers celebrated the long effort Taylor has made in feeding Wilson’s children.

“My job is to feed them. It’s not the child’s fault if the mama is misappropriating the funds,” Taylor said. “The child’s still got to eat, so it’s in my heart deep. I can’t walk away from it.”

Taylor said the need is great.

“I am grandma to everybody and then to the little ones that are kind of challenging, I’m Gangsta Grandma,” Taylor said.

“This is what we do. This is in our heart. This is what we have to do. We have got to pull together. When I’m saying we, I mean the community, the city, the county has to pull together. My ultimate goal, my ultimate desire is to get Feed the Children to start an organization here in Wilson. We’ll have our own Feed the Children warehouse and I’m going to get on their nerves until they say yes.”