Fontenot a leader who will make Wilson proud

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I was a lifelong resident of Nash County until I moved to Wilson County in June 2017. After moving to Wilson County, I met Kenneth Fontenot at a gun show at the fairgrounds; he was handing out campaign cards. A few days later I was formally introduced to Ken and his wife, Francesca, when they visited our home.

During their visit to our home, Ken told us about his life’s story, growing up in a rough section of Chicago, joining the Marines as an enlisted man, becoming an officer and deploying on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, where he was injured. Ken now teaches at Forest Hills Middle School and is the pastor at Bethel Baptist Church. This is quite a resume for a leader for us to send to Raleigh to serve Wilson County in House District 24.

His opponent in the election has done very little to serve her constituents during her terms in Raleigh. Now there is some question about her complying with the residency requirements. It is well known that she spends very little time, if any, in Wilson County in her $98,000 home, but most in her $400,000 home in Garner.

In my year and a half in Wilson County, I have seen his opponent only one time; she attended a B2B luncheon at the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, where her only comment was that she needs to get back involved with the chamber. I have not seen her before or since and I attend most all of the chamber events and many other public activities.

I urge all the registered voters of Wilson County in District 24 to go vote for a real leader who served his country in the Marines, teaches our children and pastors at a church. Ken will go to Raleigh and make us proud. I have no doubt he will be available to us and will follow up when we have a question or need help. Please visit Ken’s Facebook page for more details or Google “Kenneth Fontenot.”

John T. “Johnny” Bass

Elm City

The writer is treasurer of the Fontenot for House campaign.