Fox News fairer than it’s given credit for

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Re: “Chaos, hypocrisy and fake news” by George Leach, Wednesday:

Mr. Leach’s column today presents what Shakespeare, and later, Faulkner, called “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The first half of it relates to dangers Fox News presents to freedom of the press, democracy, the two-party system and law enforcement, but without an example, other than his DVR’s capacity. Frankly, I’m perplexed that a network could bring down all those institutions, if for no other reason than that a TV has an on-off button.

Mr. Leach then goes to Trump’s “rascality” and complains about his demanding “absolute loyalty” from subordinates. First, shouldn’t an executive, a sheriff or a football coach require loyalty to implement a program? As a historian, Mr. Leach knows that part of Lincoln’s genius was to put together a “team of rivals” — Doris Kerns Goodwin’s phrase — who overcame individual animosities and combined their talents for the country’s good.

Mr. Trump’s business background influences his management decisions; there has been turnover, but at one point, JFK had 90-plus bills in Congress and Bill Clinton had as many positions unfilled in his administration. Trump acts quickly and decisively. Is he undiplomatic at times? No doubt; however, he gets things done. Consider the “stonewalling” Obama implemented regarding the Keystone pipeline, causing Big Labor to look toward a change in its support.

Near the end, Mr. Leach again questions Trump’s legitimacy as president, relying on “signs, evidence and actions” that the Russians had helped him gain the White House.  Oddly, Mr. Comey told the president on several occasions that no evidence existed to support that theory, yet that is dismissed by the Left, unable to see that their “everything for everybody-us against-them-they want to keep you down” approach  has not worked.

LBJ started the Great Society and succeeding generations of Democratic leaders have moved closer to socialism. Hillary, of all people, has said the same thing.  One of her rationales for losing was “I’m a capitalist, and the Democrats are socialists.”

Finally, I watch Fox and, occasionally, CNN, and MSNBC. I have observed that Fox shows both sides of an issue and holds lively debates.  The liberals sometimes lose, and some resort to invectives out of frustration. I don’t see the other two networks showing both sides.

My suggestion to Mr. Leach would be to use his DVR for all three networks, then make comparisons about coverage.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City