Give ‘Ol’ Roy’ some credit

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Let’s begin by giving Roy credit for one heckuva coaching job over the past two years and credit to one of the most resilient teams he has ever coached.

Roy knows you can have success by building a team of players who will stay in school. However, you have to play the cards you are dealt. By comparison, Roy has built two championship teams in nine years (2009, 2017). Coach Krzyzewski built two championship teams in six years. The 2010 team was composed of veterans, and the 2015 team was led by three one-and-dones.

Coach Calipari won the 2012 championship with a Kentucky team that was also led by three one-and-dones. Those one-and-dones were all heavily recruited by Roy, but they all sought better environments.

It’s safe to say that if you believe Ol’ Roy had no knowledge of the academic “shortcuts” listed in the NCAA allegations, then you most likely believe OJ is also innocent. But it would be totally unfair to dump all this on Roy. These shenanigans have been going on long before Roy took the reins.

Make no mistake. It will not be the cheating, but the arrogance and self-righteous attitude, that will be the demise of an institution once considered one of the elite. #JustTheFacts

Lee R. Daniel