GOP lawmakers failed state’s film industry

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Re: “Let’s reel film industry back to North Carolina,” guest editorial from the Greensboro News & Record published in Tuesday’s Times:

In July 2014, during the North Carolina film incentives debate, my wife Sandra and I were attending a murder mystery weekend at the Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem. Among the other participants was a state legislator from Davidson County.

She was opposed to the incentives because “I think everyone should be playing on a level field.”

We had a large and loud political debate about the film industry subsidies. I gave her the facts and figures. I pointed out every argument then that Thom Tillis now makes in saying that “North Carolina made a mistake.”

The N.C. Film Commission made every one of those arguments then to combat that foolishness. There was a story going around about the family behind Chick-fil-A being a huge supporter and donor to Teflon Pat McCrory’s bid for re-election to the governor’s office. They own the Georgia studio.

Tillis is hard to accept at this late stage as a true believer convert. He was driving the bus when the entire industry drove off the cliff in North Carolina. Are we to believe at this point that the scales fell from his eyes on the way to Damascus?

Not that I object to the conversion. As a member of the affected group, I welcome his support no matter how suspicious in nature. I don’t enjoy having to fly to Louisiana to film something I could easily have filmed here. Driving to Atlanta for filming is not a treat, but...

I have to leave North Carolina to work because the North Carolina GOP left me no choice. I resent paying income tax to Georgia and South Carolina that could have been paid here. Not to mention the millions upon millions of dollars pouring into the state economy that could, should and likely would have been ours.

Dave Hager