Gotta have cookies in your repertoire

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I was so glad when Sora decided to make chocolate chip cookies for our last summer food column together.

We all love chocolate chip cookies at my house, so I was eager to oblige and be her taste-tester — a coveted job at my house!

Sora and I flipped through several of our cookbooks, looking for the perfect recipe to try. I didn’t want a cookie that I’d feel guilty eating or serving, so we turned to Cooking Light and found a kid-friendly recipe on the internet.

These chocolate chip cookies have just one stick of butter, not two, a big plus in my book. We put a stick of butter on the kitchen counter to soften one morning and waited until after swim lessons and lunch to make our afternoon snack.

Sora, who is 9, is getting more familiar with where I keep things in the kitchen and pantry, so we had no trouble getting our recipe ingredients together. We also moved my stand mixer from its spot in the corner of the kitchen counter to a convenient place to work.

I purchased my first stand mixer earlier this year, and I’m loving it. Sora is loving it too and has learned how nice it is to let the mixer combine sugar and butter hands-free, for instance, while she measures the next ingredients. 

This recipe is very basic, and Sora had most of the skills she needed to make the cookies. The one thing we worked on was separating the eggs for the two egg whites we needed. I did the first one and showed her how I crack the egg, keeping the two halves close together. Then I move my hands back and forth, keeping the yolk inside the shell and letting the whites escape to a bowl. I explained to Sora that it would be OK for this recipe if some of the yolk got mixed in with the whites. But I also told her there were other recipes, such as meringues, where we would not want a speck of the yolk.

Sora did the second egg and was very successful in separating it.

Once again, Sora was very precise making this recipe. She carefully formed the 4 dozen cookies, using a cookie scoop and her hands. We talked about looking at each cookie and making sure they were basically all the same size so they would cook evenly. 

Sora was surprised it only took 10 minutes or so for these cookies to bake. In no time, we were having delicious warm cookies and cold milk for a snack!