Graham is wrong to distrust China, insist on troops in Korea

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I’m not sure I understand all there is to know about China, but I’m not sure Sen. Lindsey Graham does either. The senator from South Carolina believes American troops in Korea are essential to maintain stability in Asia. Removing those troops plays into the hands of China’s desire to destabilize Asia.

Which China is Sen. Graham talking about? Mao Tse-Ting is dead, and so are 78 million Chinese who died of starvation during the Cultural Revolution. What does Graham think happened in Tiananmen Square? President Xi Jinping stays up at night hoping 600,000 jobs will be created each month. Destablizing Asia would hardly seem consistent with job creation — telling 1.4 billion mouths to eat cake is a risky Plan B.

Apparently Sen. Graham is still fighting the Cold War, judging from his Chinophobic concerns. Perhaps it’s something about South Carolina barbecue sauce; Nikki Haley seems stuck in a pre-1967 Middle East policy. Fortunately, neither were president when the opportunity for German reunification became possible.

Ironically, while China was taking huge steps toward capitalism after 1989, the U.S. took huge steps toward socialism during the Obama administration, prompting one Chinese artist to depict the likeness of Barack Obama on the Statue of Liberty holding Mao’s “Little Red Book.”

The Chinese understand a lot more about the U.S. than Sen. Graham understands about China. With all due respect for the senator’s great wisdom and considerable ambition, we already have one secretary of state, and he appears to be doing just fine.

Joe Exum

Snow Hill