‘Guardian angels’ return stolen belongings, prevent pedestrian crash

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I’d been ill and just was not thinking well. I’d left my purse in my vehicle overnight, which was not the norm for me, between Saturday evening and Sunday morning when I went out to crank my car, getting ready to go to church, my vehicle had been broken into — as well as two other neighbors’ vehicles. Vandalized at a cost of more than $2,000 in damages. The perpetrator(s) took my purse and threw its contents on the side of a highway.

My purse was spotted and many of my personal items were collected and turned into the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office by a person I call my guardian angel. I don’t know this person, but I’d like to send out a great big thank-you. I am so very grateful to you.

Also, I’d like to say thank you to another person who recently saved me from great harm as I was crossing on Nash Street in Wilson. I’d begun to walk across the street when I heard this gentleman yell out for me to stop. A truck had stopped at the red light and decided to back up in to a driveway to turn instead of continuing forward. He did not see me. One or two more steps and I would have been hit by a large truck.

If it was not for this man who was walking down the street and yelled out for me to stop, there is no doubt I would have been seriously injured. I just want to give a second great big thank-you to this person, whom I also call my guardian angel.

God certainly did look out for me through these unselfish acts of kindness that helped me tremendously. I just cannot say thank you enough. I really do hope you see this letter to the editor. Since I do not know either of you, I thought this would be a good way to let you know that I really do appreciate your acts of compassion. May God bless both of you for helping me.

With much sincerity and gratefulness to God and to you, may the blessings of God be upon you now and for evermore.

Sheryl Ford

Elm City