If Dr. King were here today

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If Dr. King were here today

What do you think he’d have to say?

He’d say: I left with all of you my dreams

Of working together for equality

The way that God intended things to be

Instead of unifying and breaking bread

There’s drug abuse and gunshot wounds to the head

And though I was jailed to obtain civil rights

Racism still persists to choke and hold on tight

The world has its challenges and is not always fair

It’s time for YOU to pursue and show that you care

Even though I’m not physically with you, my messages should remain

Be leaders to those around you, be a role model for the youth again

Have a self-assuredness that has often been a healer

Instead of making fast money that kills via the drug dealer

The fast money may sound good, give you power and make you appear strong

But in reality it ends a young life, when a drug deal goes wrong

Stop to think about each other’s feelings

And comfort someone’s watered eyes

Be considerate toward each other

Don’t be judgmental when someone tries

Parents must the authority from which the child must learn

Be truly responsible and do what you know will inspire them, be firm

All that I have left you may not be totally lost

Before it’s too late, for God’s sake

It’s the children I’m thinking of.

Jacquie Jeffers


The writer is a governor-appointed member of the N.C. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission.