Impose term limits, build the wall and reform welfare

Trump’s red-hot economy can reduce deficit

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Re: “Trump’s deficit will hobble Obama-inherited economy” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Saturday:

Golly darn, Mr. Nick Smith, after reading your letters to the editor I have concluded that you must be a genius. You know everything about everything. You’re so brilliant, I’m wondering why you’re not the president. You seem to know so much more than President Trump and it seems, in your eyes, everything he does is wrong. So why aren’t you up there running the country?

Oh, it just dawned on me, you’re just like the former president Obummer, a great talker with absolutely no substance. You gripe and complain and call him all kinds of names but never once, just like the rest of the left-wing loons, do you come up with positive suggestions for improvement. It is also apparent from your tone and name-calling that you are a graduate of the George Leach school of Hatred, Vitriolic Speech and Racism although, as best I can determine, you failed the class on racism or possibly you were misinformed as to the meeting times and got a zero for attendance.

I will agree with you that neither party is without criticism. A comedian once said, “a large gathering of baboons is called a congress. So, our Congress must be a large gathering of baboons.” The American people are paying billions of dollars to keep this group of do-nothing baboons in a luxury lifestyle. Unlike you, I have some suggestions.

Citizens, write your representatives. If you don’t take positive steps, don’t complain when things don’t go your way. We need term limits in Congress and we need Congress to abide by the laws they make for us.

Build that wall. Build it so high that these illegal dirtbags get a nose bleed trying to climb it. We’ll take any immigrant who comes here legally. Remember, Ellis Island was the wall when your ancestors first came to America.

No welfare for illegals. Before foreign aid to countries who hate us, let’s take care of our poor and needy. Let’s also get those who can work off the welfare rolls.

NATO countries, pay your fair share. America is not your daddy.

Mr. President, thank you for keeping the promises you made. Make America Great Again!

Arthur Tozzi