Judge Trump by his record, not by his attitude

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Re: “Trump a disgrace to American presidency,” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Monday:

I believe you have conflated your personal dislike of Trump with dubious “facts” and condemned the man. First, a disclaimer: I wouldn’t want Trump as a neighbor any more than you would. He’d be the loud guy in the Hawaiian shirt who has an opinion on everything. However, that should not detract from his efficiency on the job or his being there in a neighborhood emergency. Trump was loud, opinionated and aggressive before he became president, but then, so was LBJ, architect of the Great Society, which liberal Democrats revere. There seems to be a double standard here.

Those “facts” — the dossier that has the Left screaming “Impeachment!” has so far ruined four FBI careers and may cause trouble for an assistant attorney general. Christopher Steele, the man who composed it, has said he couldn’t vouch for its veracity. That it was paid for as opposition research has only recently come to light, as have the “we’ll stop him” approach of the FBI and Department of Justice employees who’ve lost jobs.

The “collusion” investigation has produced nothing, The “crimes” of Manafort also occurred in 2005, not 2016.

On the other side of the ledger, Trump’s love life as a candidate is cause for impeachment? How about JFK’s? He shared a mistress with mob boss Sam Giancana. How about Clinton, who had several lawsuits for sexual assault settled out of court? How about Sen. Barney Frank, whose partner ran a gay escort service out of the senator’s apartment? Where was the Left’s moral outrage then?

Being surly and blunt are not disqualifications: Belichick and Payton are both, yet both are highly respected, winning football coaches. Similarly, Trump has put people to work, improved the economy, cut expensive bureaucracy and put the world on notice that America is not a doormat.

Despite this, the Left wants his head, but these are the same people who support abortion while criticizing capital punishment, and want illegals to vote to increase their “leverage” — Pelosi’s latest gem.

Nick, does the Left really want to point fingers?

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City