Kavanaugh mess shows need to vote GOP out of power

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Republicans have abandoned the rule of law for flawed ideology.

The FBI’s investigation into Dr. Ford’s allegations was restricted specifically by Trump and McConnell from examining Kavanaugh’s well-documented alcoholic and sexually belligerent adolescence, attested to by many of his Georgetown and Yale classmates. The FBI wasn’t allowed even to question Dr. Ford, the primary complainant, because it was never ever going to be a real investigation. It was a sham.

“I like beer” Kavanaugh was steamrolled in, over the objections of organizations like the American Bar Association, and the opinions of important persons such as retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, appointed by another Republican president, in another law-abiding time.

Kavanaugh was selected by Trump for his false ideas about the immunity of presidents to criminal investigation and prosecution, formed only after his involvement in the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh’s paranoid meltdown about a Democratic and Clinton cabal against him raised additional justified questions about judicial temperament and fitness. Kavanaugh gives Trump what he most needs, prosecutorial immunity.

Trump sees the noose of the Russia probe. Five of his top aides have, so far, been indicted by a real investigation and are cooperating with Mueller.

As long as Trump and the lick-spittle Republicans can do or say any unlawful thing, no matter how horrific, with impunity, this country will be divided, without lawful government, and in peril.

Strange about evangelicals following this corrupt president off the moral and spiritual cliff. I attribute it to selective amnesia about the devil offering Jesus the world too, which He declined.

Our Constitution and laws are under siege by Republicans. Democrats must take back the House and the Senate in the midterm.

Remember Obama was never even allowed his own Supreme Court appointee Merrick Garland by this dishonest Republican leadership. Republicans will not push back against the madness of Trump as long as he furthers their pocketbooks and packs their courts. Democrats can and will, only if you vote.

If you are a Democrat who normally does not vote in the midterm elections, you need to in this one, the most important of your life, because there is no lawful Republican in Congress at the wheel anymore.

Deborah A. Baro