Mainstream media wants endless occupation in Syria

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Before now, I disagreed with President Donald Trump’s description of mainstream news media outlets as “fake news.” I thought his comments were obnoxious, irresponsible and to a certain extent dangerous. The free press is and remains an important check against abuses of power by the government.

However, in light of the mainstream media’s reaction to the president’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, they have actually given his description of mainstream news as “fake news” some relevance.

Mainstream media has lambasted his decision for troop withdrawal. Almost in unison, they have criticized his decision as threatening U.S. security as well as benefiting ISIS, Syrian president Bashar-al Assad and Russian president Vladimir Putin. However, from what I have researched, mainstream media is either misinformed or is intentionally lying about such claims.

To begin with, U.S. military presence in Syria has been illegal from the very start. Former President Obama placed ground troops in Syria without congressional approval. A proposed bill to use military forces never even received a floor vote in either house of Congress.

What’s worse, though they criticize Trump’s decision to withdraw troops, mainstream media conspicuously fails to explain exactly why we are in Syria in the first place. Just why are we in Syria?

Mainstream media says troop withdrawal benefits both ISIS and Assad; but ISIS and Assad are fighting against each other. How can both things be true at the same time?

Moreover, how does the fighting in Syria strengthen our national security? Certainly, ISIS can reform anywhere in the Middle East with proper support; so how does our being there prevent that? Must the U.S. occupy every nation that has even the hint of anti-U.S. sentiment?

Of course, mainstream news has no answers to these questions. Why not? Stunningly, it appears mainstream news actually loves war. Ever notice how mainstream news always reacts when a war is officially declared? It acts almost giddy with excitement over the carnage and death that will inevitably follow. It’s all about ratings to them. It cheers the president when he escalates war, but when he wants to withdraw, he’s Putin’s puppet. They can’t have it both ways.

I am by no means a Trump supporter, but I am fair and give credit where it’s due. He’s doing the right thing here. The president gave mainstream media the nickname “fake news.” Let me add another to the list — warmongers.

Justin C. Cooper