Make ‘Life and Times Podcast’ part of your life

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You may have noticed a link on The Wilson Times website, www.wilsontimes.com, for something called “Life and Times Podcast” that appeared a couple of weeks ago.

Except for on Twitter, this exciting new venture by Times sports staffer Jimmy Lewis and me has not had much fanfare.

Until now.

I’m here to invite you to listen in each Wednesday (sometimes in the wee hours and sometimes in the early afternoon) when we post it online. I’ll be honest: It’s about 20 to 25 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Seriously (well, not really), it’s a weekly look at the high school football teams and games in the Times readership area. Well, that’s been the case so far but we are literally making it up as we go along, learning a little more about audio production each week. There’s no guarantee that we won’t venture down a side road to talk about soccer, volleyball, tennis or even golf (although there’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that I am in the process of creating that Tom Ham has agreed to appear on the podcast). We may even discuss a few things outside the world, or readership area of sports but I will promise you this — we will never, ever, not in a million years discuss politics. Believe that!

We may even have some guests on to chew the fat and act the fool with us, if anyone is interested.

The idea, along with the notion that we want to appear hip and with it by having a podcast, is to have some fun while offering a different perspective on the teams we cover. Jimmy and I chat a little bit about the games from the previous week and then we look at the upcoming games before finally offering our picks.

That’s when we kick it up a notch.

For instance, just this week Jimmy brazenly created the concept of a “Lock of the Week” in which he will pick against a county team. If he gets it right, he will gain some much needed ground in the Football Forecast since he currently shares the basement with the Guest. If he gets it wrong and the local boys prevail over Jimmy’s pick, he will make himself available to run wind sprints at the end of practice one day, presumably while the team lines up to mock him.

I, of course, will be on hand to provide video documentation, which makes me wonder — can you have video in a podcast? Oh well, that’s something else for me to Google. But what you need to do, right now, is to listen to the Life and Times Podcast.

It’s guaranteed to change your life — and times.

Download Week 1, 8/15/18

Download Week 2, 8/22/18

Download Week 3, 8/29/18