Media bias miscasts heinous crime

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I usually watch NBC Nightly News every night — not so much as to get the news; more for amusement. It should be named the Trump Bashing Show, because you can count on a lengthy tirade each night of the wrongs Trump has committed in the last 24 hours.

Recently, I suppose most of you have been informed by the media of the heinous highway shooting murder of an innocent child and the injury of her mother.

There were additional children in the car. NBC News reported that the shooting murder was perpetrated by an individual driving a red pickup truck.

It seems that NBC was comfortable in reporting that this was very likely a hate crime. A red pickup truck and an innocent African-American family on a highway in the Deep South was evidence enough that this crime was very likely committed by a redneck, bigoted, hateful, Ku Klux Klan Anglo-Saxon. I wonder if it ever occurred to NBC that the vast majority of criminal shootings in this country are committed by non-Anglo Saxons.

A suspect has been arrested and accused of the highway murder and I know you are going to find this difficult to believe, but the murder was apparently committed by a non-Anglo-Saxon. Now, ain’t that a kick in the butt to the liberal news media? It seems that red pickup trucks are not indigenous to redneck, bigot Southerners.

The suspect is the same ethnicity as the victim family and this has led the media to report that this crime will probably be labeled a case of mistaken identity instead of a hate crime. Maybe the accused did not hate the innocent child, but he obviously hated someone that brought on the murder. You can’t make hate crimes tier one and tier two.

Just think, someone is living and an innocent child is dead because of mistaken identity by the accused.

I will watch NBC News again tonight and hopefully ascertain if the accused is released on his promise that he will show up for court. After all, would it be justice to lock up someone just because his intended murder was the wrong person?

Carl Hinson