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Media slams Trump for basic, smart strategy

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Trump’s team is confused and in chaos because the New York Times and CNN don’t know what his next move is.

Uh huh.

In 1944, radio and the Chicago Tribune didn’t know where or when the Normandy invasion would take place.

They didn’t know a Normandy invasion was even being planned.

Did that make FDR a stooge and his administration chaotic?

In fact, the only people who had a clue anything was looming were the Germans and they thought an invasion would be at Calais.

When the troops landed at Omaha Beach, did anyone claim Roosevelt did a “U-turn” and couldn’t be trusted?

A smart, I mean really smart, street-smart president doesn’t tell the bad guys his battle plan. That isn’t chaos, that is wisdom.

In 1944, the bad guys were Germany.

In 2017, the bad guys are ISIS, Assad, Chris Cuomo and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Mark Levin