Medicaid expansion is a liberal boondoggle

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Those of you who read The Wilson Times’ opinion page have seen several columns where Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield is promoting Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. She has claimed that thousands of people will have health coverage, hundreds of jobs will be created and there will be millions in county economic growth.

As is usually the case, Farmer-Butterfield cherry-picks the information she wants and fails to research the information any further.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject of Medicaid, but I can read and this is what I found out after reading a recent report from the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Medicaid expansion eligibility pushes thousands of able-bodied adults capable of working off private insurance and into the welfare system and stretches state budgets to the breaking point.

The report says that states have underestimated the costs and enrollment, enrolling twice as many as predicted. This has cost the taxpayers 76% more than promised.

Arkansas, Iowa and New Hampshire have seen Medicaid costs skyrocket. Nationally, cost overruns went up 157%, which equates to billions of dollars — and that means less money for education, public safety and roads.

Farmer-Butterfield uses the same argument that all liberals use: The federal government is going to pay for it. Again, I must say hogwash. Who is the federal government? It is you and I. Come on, Farmer-Butterfield, nothing from the government is free. The taxpayers will foot the bill. Please be honest with the people.

Thanks to the Trump administration’s recent announcement, it will not fund partial Medicaid expansion. Now the liberal Democrats have their undies in a wad. The wailing is deafening. People who desperately need the coverage will die.

Give me a break — when is the last time someone was turned away from the emergency room because they were sick?

Farmer-Butterfield is just trying to buy votes with our tax money.

Again, folks, just one more reason to vote for Trump. He is looking out for you.

William E. Biddle