‘Medicare for all’ would put Americans first

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“More patriotic than thou” seems to be the right-wing position and argument on a lot of subjects. They beat their chests and raise their chins and profess loud and long about their “love for America.”

But it seems their love of America doesn’t translate or extend to a love for Americans. First among those damaged by this attitude are the very people who risked their lives to protect the ability of lesser men to profess their flag-waving patriotism.

If America is a family, as I always believed it should be, then the best way to honor our veterans is to remodel the Veterans Administration health care. Battlefield health care has surpassed the stateside ability to handle the wounded warriors who survived the war to which they were sent.

I have long been a proponent of Medicare for All. I further proposed that the VA health should be folded into this. Veterans should be exempt from any co-pay or 20 percent shortfall. But neither should they be required to drive extraordinary distances to receive any health care assistance they need.

The American family should remember that without earlier generations, who fought wars upon which our very existence hung in the balance, there would be no Thanksgiving gatherings.

Many are familiar with the Thanksgiving table temporary peace from family disagreements. Families are that way. But families, regardless of disagreements, are still families. The right and the left gather to celebrate being a part of the American family.

Maybe we should back away from “America First.” Maybe it’s time to move toward Americans First.

Political parties should take a back seat. Beginning now.

Dave Hager