Muffins with cinnamon chips an easy fall hit

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These delicious cinnamon chip muffins are so easy to make.
These delicious cinnamon chip muffins are so easy to make.
Lisa Boykin Batts | Times

At the end summer, I bought a bag of Hershey’s cinnamon baking chips at the grocery store. I’ve always loved the mini cinnamon chips I’ve bought online, but this was so much easier.

I kept that bag of baking chips on my kitchen counter for a few months. Every now and then, I’d pick up the bag, look at the chips and think about the muffins I hadn’t made yet. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try a totally new recipe or use a tried-and-true muffin recipe I could adapt.

Finally, last week, I decided it was time to make some muffins. The muffins seemed like a good match for a cool fall evening and a nice way to warm the kitchen. I looked on the Hershey’s Kitchen website, and I found a very simple recipe with basic ingredients, including a baking mix — otherwise known as Bisquick!

I usually have Bisquick in my pantry in case I need it for pancakes. I also use it to make sausage balls. Lucky me: I had an unopened box at home.

I made a few changes to this basic recipe. I used 1/3 cup brown sugar instead of granulated sugar, and I added a teaspoon of vanilla to the batter. Before putting the muffins in the oven, I sprinkled the tops with cinnamon sugar.

My kitchen smelled so good as these easy muffins baked. And although it was supper time, I pinched off a few bites to eat while the yummy muffins were still hot. I was concerned the muffins wouldn’t be sweet enough, but the cinnamon baking chips make them plenty sweet and very good.

After supper that night, I finished the muffin I had started. It was good cold, but not as good as it was hot! So when I ate a muffin the next few days, I warmed it for 10 to 12 seconds in the microwave. The warm, soft cinnamon chips are so delicious in these muffins. I highly recommend.

I’m thinking the next time I bake with the chips, I might make a coffee cake. Or I might make the same muffin recipe and use chocolate chips! Both sound good to me.