Nixon and Trump different kettles of fish

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Hal Tarleton’s column in Saturday’s paper (“Trump won’t repeat Nixon’s retreat”) tries to draw a parallel between Nixon’s impeachment woes and President Trump’s. The premise fails from the start as President Trump has not actually done anything felonious. Nixon had at least participated in a cover-up of a low level break-in at the Watergate apartment complex, and for that, even Republicans felt that his impeachment and conviction were inevitable.

President Trump, on the other hand, is only guilty of not being cowed by the mob. The Mueller report and later, the ineffectual testimony of Robert Mueller himself, put the lie to the Russian collusion hoax. The Democrats and their allies rolled seamlessly into the next fairy tale that is the Ukrainian phone call where Trump, allegedly, demanded fealty from the Ukrainian president in order to receive American military assistance. Specifically, it is alleged that Trump demanded that Ukraine investigate shady dealings involving Joe Biden’s son and a Ukrainian company.

However, a reading of the transcript of the call shows that Trump was not proposing a quid pro quo arrangement. The charges proposed for impeachment are spurious and stem from an unbridled desire to see Trump deposed. As a result, when said desire is not fulfilled, Trump-haters are sent into another paroxysm of ire making even wilder accusations.

Mr. Tarleton missed the real parallel between Trump and Nixon. Both have engendered a disproportionate hatred from their opponents.

Nixon was hated by the left because he opposed the infiltration of the American government by Communists during the Cold War. The treasonous fifth columnists and their supporters in the press waited for Nixon to falter and when he did, they pounced. In the same manner, Trump has ruffled globalist feathers and upset the quid pro quo of the political class; in addition to not being cowed by the forces aligned against him. He cannot be forgiven for that and his destruction is required.

Time will tell if the anti-Trump forces will triumph or if he will be able to defeat them. He can then continue his bull in the china shop trajectory of championing America First and bold, unapologetic nationalism. The nations that embrace the vision will become strong and prosperous and free themselves from the shackles of the globalists.

Tom Haitema