No need to apologize for Trump’s American prosperity

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Re: “Trump’s sorry refusal to apologize” by George Leach, Wednesday:

The last occupant of the White House is famous for his “Apology Tour” at the start of his term where he traveled the world and asked for forgiveness for all of America’s sins, both real and imagined, from foreign leaders. That act of apologizing set the tone for the subsequent decline of American prestige and leadership for the next seven years.

A recent column entitled, “Trump’s sorry refusal to apologize” faults the present occupant of the Oval Office for not apologizing for his or his staff’s actions. The president indeed should apologize if such action is needed as an apology is very personal and should come from the heart. If President Trump does not feel the need for this particular act of contrition, it is a burden on his soul.

The second thrust of the column is that Trump’s policies are reckless and dangerous for both the world and the country. This assertion is made in spite evidence to the contrary. The world is immeasurably safer, more prosperous and optimistic than it has been in years. ISIS is nearly gone and the North Koreans appear to be in a conciliatory mood with talks imminent. The economy is humming along with record low levels of unemployment for all demographics in spite of the disastrous legacy of the Obama years. Consumers’ and business owners’ confidence is up after years of pessimism and despair. For the first time in many years Americans say that America is on the right track.

Despite the columnist’s fulminations and harrumphing, most Americans who still subscribe to a worldview based on facts, not emotions, would prefer what Trump hath wrought in spite of, or perhaps because of, his non-apologetic manner of carrying out the people’s business.

Thomas B. Haitema