Old Liberty Warehouse used for indie film

No date set for ‘Paramnesia’ release

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Hollywood magic happened here over the weekend as a film studio used a historic tobacco warehouse to shoot scenes for an independent sci-fi movie.

The battered steel doors of the former Liberty Warehouse on Goldsboro Street along with the cavernous floor plan proved to be the perfect backdrop according to “Paramnesia” director Tripp Green.

“The open spaces and natural light were exactly what we were looking for,” he said. “The size of the space and textures added production value.”

But the Raleigh-based Vertus Media owner said the warehouse actually was a happenstance discovery as he scouted locations with his father over the holiday in Bunn. Green said he was looking at an old factory when a friend of his father volunteered the nearly empty tobacco warehouse in Wilson.

“The people here have been just amazing and super helpful,” Green said. “Everyone who has visited the set has been awesome, super nice and doing anything they can to help. Especially since this is a micro-budget indie film, all that just means so much to us.”

The film, which was written by Green, is centered around a grieving man’s mission to reconnect with his dead wife. Cal Elliot, played by Jim Roof, builds a machine to live with her in his memories.

“He is an odd genius,” Elliot said in between scenes Sunday. “He is very driven to get his machine working, but he’s sentimental in the loss of his wife and the love he still has for her.”

The machine that reunites the lovers was the centerpiece of scenes that were shot in the Wilson warehouse. Dani Gehle said the script captured her imagination, and she was eager to produce the film.

“I think Tripp is incredibly talented, and I knew he could do it,” she said.

Other actors include Greg Wait, Deb Teitelbaum and Shannon Malone.

Green said he plans to have filming wrapped in a few days and the editing done by February. While no distribution schedule has been announced, the crew said they are eager to share the experience of “Paramnesia” with the masses.

“Filmmaking is an incredible experience with an energy on set,” Gehle said. “You walk on and the lights are buzzing and the cameras are going. I love it.”

To learn more about Paramnesia, visit tinyurl.com/jy43h8j and follow the Facebook page for the film at tinyurl.com/znnjqga.