Paris accord sought to enrich heaviest polluters

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As a creationist who also believes in evolution, I’m wondering why all the hoopla over getting out of the Paris climate change accord! As a creationist, I believe that wherever there is a connection with evolution and creation, there rests the hand of our Creator guiding evolution in the right direction.

The Creator has evolved the planet by the use of heat, cold, wind, water and ice, all elements of climate change. The Creator has given us in most of the world climate change four times a year. We call these changes spring, summer, fall and winter.

The Creator has given us small and large weather cycles throughout history. Yet the Creator has always had his hand on the controls forming the earth to his desires, not those of the mankind.

The Creator has given mankind use of the earth and its bountiful resources. The Creator also gave mankind free will. Because of his free will, mankind must assist the Creator in maintaining the earth. When mankind extracts a resource from the earth, mankind must do what he can to return the earth to its original state less the resource extracted.

The United States has done more than most, if not all of the countries of the world. The Paris accord would have done nothing for the U.S. but extract money give to the major polluters of the world.

President Trump was right in removing the U.S. from the Paris accord. It’s time China and India take responsibility for their actions. They must emulate what the United States has done over the last 50 years in returning the earth to its original state less the resource extracted.

We must stop creating agreements for the sake of an agreement. This is why the Paris climate accord was created. When we create an agreement, it must be good for the United States and not an agreement that punishes the United States. The agreement must not reward those who are not helping improve the situation, as the United States has done for decades!

Ray Shamlin
Rocky Mount