Rein in Washington by calling Convention of States

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Have you paid or do you still pay taxes to be put into the Social Security trust fund? All of your money has been stolen out of this fund and replaced with worthless paper IOUs by greedy federal career politicians to fund their political self-interests.

Anyone earning more than $128,400 this year pays no additional Social Security tax, even if they earn millions. Those who need Social Security the most pay tax on all of their earnings while those who need it the least pay tax on only a slice of theirs.

A Convention of States as outlined in Article 5 of our Constitution can happen if 34 states agree to do so. Through approved amendments to our Constitution, we, the people, can impose fiscal restraints on our federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction and enact term limits on its officials without federal interference.

More than 250 organizations are against this convention because they want to control us, but we can counter this by voting for and communicating with our governors, state senators and state representatives.

So far, 12 states have passed the Convention of States resolution; 14 have passed it through their respective state House; 16 have passed it through their state Senate and 27 have passed it through one legislative committee or more.

Where does your state stand? Why don’t you and those you know take it from here to make it a reality?

Ken Van Riper

Sarasota, Florida