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Reject wrathful diatribes, or find someone who will

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Re: “Instead of complaining about letters, join the discussion,” April 10:

In complete and grateful agreement with the April 7 letter Mr. Hinson complains about, I am directing my “disgust to the Wilson Times” in considering Mr. Hinson’s frequent letters to be worth publication.

Nothing in his letters contributes to meaningful discussion, and we should not have to “push the delete button” to avoid his constant wrath. I am pleased to read that Mr. Hinson has “been publicly insulted” since insults are how he treats all others, as his characterization of “policies that favor cheats and con artists.”

And I do “blame The Wilson Times” for incorrectly considering Mr. Hinson’s fury to be “discussion.” Perhaps the only viable readership solution is a different editor who can discriminate between what is reasoned, insightful, respectful, factual and worth printing.

H.L. Flan