Report medical supply phone fraud to Medicare

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Having read the guest editorial, “Efforts may combat the proliferation of irritating robocalls” in The Wilson Times (by The Herald-Dispatch of Huntington, West Virginia, Dec. 18), please let me add my recent experience.

I have received dozens of calls concerning braces for pain in my back, shoulders, etc., none of which is true! On those calls where I actually talked to the callers, I told them exactly that and apparently I was ignored. They told me it will cost me absolutely nothing and Medicare will pay for everything. I again told them no, I don’t need them, nor do I want them. They told me they would send them anyway and they would be absolutely free and Medicare would pay.

Guess what? On a recent Thursday, a package arrived from Trilogy Medical Supply of West Palm Beach, Florida. I refused acceptance and UPS took the unopened package back. Now the fun part!

I called Medicare and after speaking to three individuals, was told that this company had indeed billed Medicare more than $3,400 for something I neither wanted nor asked for and in fact refused. Medicare has opened an investigation into this and will refuse payment for my “pain relief braces!”

Can you imagine how much money Medicare is being ripped off for with this practice? Even if accepted and thrown away or returned and unopened, that’s free money to this company. I told Medicare that if this is legal, I think I have just found a new “business.” I could make a fortune with this. Medicare said this practice sounds fraudulent and they will look into it and send me a report.

Everyone should report this type of action to Medicare immediately. Eureka, I just got another call from Orthopedic Medical Supply in DeLand, Florida, offering free braces for my pain. It never ends!

If you need pain relief, please accept the braces. If not, please get the name of the company and report it to Medicare. The number is on the back of your Medicare card.

Dennis Rutter