Services start at Wilson Medical Center's new Women’s Pavilion

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Several hundred people walked through the new Women’s Pavilion at Wilson Medical Center Tuesday to see the $22 million renovated area for labor and delivery and postpartum care that opened the next day.

“This is something that we have been waiting for for quite some time,” said Mark Holyoak, chief executive officer at the hospital. “We are finally opening up our Women’s Pavilion of Wilson Medical Center. This is state-of-the-art rooms and equipment and everything that we have ever wished for. We are getting the big city right here in this small town.”

Holyoak said this is about midpoint in a $120 million project at Wilson Medical Center that Duke LifePoint has invested into the Wilson community.

“We are here for the long haul, and so, through the partnership with Duke LifePoint, we are here to provide that top quality care for many more years to come. We are here for the community,” Holyoak said. “Right here in labor and delivery and the women’s area, we provide exceptional care. There is really no reason to go elsewhere for that labor and delivery, postpartum experience. Those future leaders will be born right here within the walls of our hospital.”

The new labor and delivery rooms are large and spacious.

“We not only have wonderful physicians, nurses and everyone that’s involved in the care of the patients, but now we have the bricks and mortar as well, so we welcome the entire community to come check us out and to see what we have to offer,” Holyoak said. “We have got everything arranged so that we can then do rooming-in for the babies so the babies can be there with mom. When someone’s having a baby, this is truly a family event. So now, not only is there room for mom and baby, but dad, grandparents and maybe a couple of other folks if they want.”

Lisa Briley, director of marketing and physician recruitment, said the hospital has about 1,000 deliveries each year.

“Life starts with labor and delivery. It was time that we enhance our quality and the amenities and things of that nature,” Briley said. “The rooms are much larger, a more home-like atmosphere, very spacious. They are great to roll the baby in and out.”

Holyoak said the staff is excited for this phase of the hospital to be completed.

The project is part of a multi-year effort to renovate Wilson Medical Center.

“We will have additional construction probably going on for the next two years throughout the hospital,” Holyoak said. “Our master facility plan really had a time line of about 10 years. We are hoping that we can get that finished up in about seven or eight years, so we are a little bit ahead of schedule for all of that.”

“The cath lab is brand new with state of the art equipment,” Holyoak said. “The behavioral health opened up a year ago. In fact, we have 11 patients in there today. It is a 24-bed unit, and we continue to grow that volume there. That is a new service to the community that we are able to do.”

On the fifth floor, the hospital has redone its medical-surgical patient rooms.

Currently, the hospital’s operating rooms are under construction and expected to open in May.

Wilson Mayor Bruce Rose, who attended Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting, said he was impressed with the renovated facility.

“We are proud of this hospital,” Rose said. “What I saw this morning, I cannot tell you how I feel in my heart. Go out and tell people how darned good this hospital is. Let everybody know about it. We don’t have to go somewhere else. We’ve got a great hospital right here. Tell everybody about the Wilson Medical Center.”