Sheriff’s office inspires junior deputy and community alike

Posted 8/29/19

How many times have we heard “I don’t like watching the news or reading the paper because it’s all negative”?

Every time one reads the paper or watches the news, the leading stories …

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Sheriff’s office inspires junior deputy and community alike

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How many times have we heard “I don’t like watching the news or reading the paper because it’s all negative”?

Every time one reads the paper or watches the news, the leading stories unfortunately seem to fall into the general assumption of impeding doom and gloom. It is sad that crime, negative politics and general mayhem dominate our news resources. It is no wonder that some people have shied away from these important information outlets.

I read The Wilson Times religiously. I love newspapers and the incredible benefit they offer to their communities. However, newspapers are manged by people and people can hold biases. When newspapers veer from true journalism to become policy or opinion-driven publications, they rob their audience of the truth.

Personally, I cringe when reading certain opinion editorials and letters the Times publishes. When I see the hatred and extreme bias, it saddens me. However, I relish writers’ freedom to express their individual opinion and I am a staunch supporter of free speech. I may not agree with someone’s ideology, but I sure do agree it is their right to express it.

To that point, unfortunately, many publications in today’s environment have been very hard on law enforcement. In some cases, Police have been demonized as being the enemy of the people. Law enforcement has been the most maligned and unfairly treated profession in all media sources. These officers of the law are the same people who we desperately cry for when we are in dire need. These are the same people, along with our incredible military, who protect our God-given rights of freedom. These are the same people who run toward hostile gunfire as everyone else runs away. Why then do we disrespect these incredible individuals who literally lay down their life every day in order to protect us? My opinion is many succumb to the negativity we are exposed to through various news outlets. That does not occur in our hometown regional newspaper.

The Wilson Times does not adhere to fake or biased reporting. I read multiple newspapers a day. Most are slanted toward their own ideological beliefs. I have not yet discerned that in the Times.

I was filled with pride to live in Wilson when I read Olivia Neeley’s article regarding Sheriff Woodard and Nathaniel Parker. Proud of the Wilson Times in its quest to always give our local police department and the sheriff’s office honest and fair reporting. It is obvious The Wilson Times respects and appreciates these unsung heroic efforts. It is also clear the Times reports truthfully and shows no favoritism when there are factually supported allegations or misdeeds.

The story of ‘Junior deputy celebrates birthday with Sheriff Woodard” was a great example of a “good news” day! Sheriff Calvin Woodard, Deputy Dillion Pate and Nathaniel’s mother, Amanda Parker, exemplify what is truly good and inspiring in today’s world!

Our county has a sheriff who not only has been an outstanding advocate for youth, he walks the walk along with the talk! I hope our community realizes what an extraordinary effort he is making in influencing these young folks. Our youth in this community are continually subjected to negative and harmful lifestyles. Sheriff Woodard is keyed into the dangers of this environment. He took the time to make a lasting impression and to change a young man’s life for the better..How many of us can make that same claim?

Olivia Neely wrote this story beautifully. She gave us a glimpse into how inspiring this was for the entire sheriff’s department. She brought us into Nathaniel’s mother’s heart by sharing her profound words of “ If God wants you to do this, then that’s what we’re going to do, and we are going to pray that you will be safe.”

When asked, Sheriff Woodard did not take an credit! Instead, he humbly commented, “it was a blessing to have Nathaniel visit and to help make his dream come true!”

We are blessed to have a sheriff who truly cares and takes the time to listen to our needs and concerns. We are blessed to have a mother who is raising her son to respect law enforcement and to become a productive citizen. We are blessed to have a publication like The Wilson Times, which put this story on the front page because they too believe in goodness and inspiration.

Our community deserves to see people active in pursuing all the “good news” we have in our community. Most newspapers would have never printed this type of story. However, The Wilson Times is not like most newspapers — and for that, dear readers, we are all truly blessed!

Anthony Verdini