Students paint peace poles at Seeds of Hope House

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Miracle Lucas concentrated painting the letters P, E, A, C and E on a pole at the Seeds of Hope House on Monday.

“I think I want to be an artist,” said the 10-year-old fourth grader from Vick Elementary School.

Miracle, along with Destani Eason, Andy Reyes, Bania Lopez and Maria Baza, spent the afternoon adding colorful touches to three peace poles that will be added to the yard at the corner of Viola and Carroll streets.

Two weeks ago, volunteers from BB&T created 18 raised beds filled with rich soil to create the Seeds of Hope Teaching and Community Garden. Since that time, another set of community members have planted tomatoes, peppers, mint, cilantro and marigolds. Some of the plants are already bearing fruit, and BB&T volunteers have added a shed to store garden tools and other supplies.

“When we were looking at other gardens, we saw that a number of them had peace poles,” said Priscilla Morello, executive director of Seeds of Hope Wilson. “We wanted to instill a sense of peace and justice for this neighborhood.”

Morello said various people will have a part in the peace poles, including BB&T volunteers, who got some of the design work started.

While Morello offered a bit of guidance, each child left his or her own individual marks on the poles, which included the children’s initials.

The three poles were painted in the Betty Barker Classroom, named in the memory of a retired teacher and longtime volunteer at Vick Elementary School and a member of Winstead United Methodist Church.

“All of these students are part of the after-school program at Seeds of Hope House,” Morello said.

The Seeds of Hope House and its garden are right across the street from Vick Elementary School. In the coming school year, the garden will be used by 18 classes as experiments in horticulture.

Seeds of Hope is currently raising money for the garden and its programs, with the goal of raising $10,000. Walmart recently donated a check for $500 toward the goal.

For more information, visit seedsofhopewilson.org.