The beginning of a better tomorrow

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As the founder of “Woman Up,” Tonchelle Lucas meets weekly with young ladies to develop their self-esteem and expand a foundation for future leaders. She exposes these young ladies to the proper way of conducting themselves with speaking, dress and behavior. Cultural field trips such as the African American Museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington and a college tour of Howard University nurtures their intellect of who they are and provide a discovery of knowledge and respect for the past and the present.

For a community service project, the young ladies gave away bags of food to individuals with the Brown Bag Project. They walked in a neighborhood with bags filled with sandwiches, chips and soft drinks. This hands-on activity was beneficial to instill the value of compassion for others.

Inspirational speakers, a fitness trainer and a finance coach have also made presentations to guide the girls toward making decisions for a brighter future physically and mentally.

Our society needs more gatherings that inspire and promote positive examples to direct our youth to a life of success. The world is constantly changing quickly with television programs and movies that leave a quite a bit of doubt regarding appropriate decision-making. The Brown Skin Girl Conference, created by Ms. Lucas, was the array of light needed to guide young girls and women to have faith and to stay focused on a positive, productive lifestyle. It was an atmosphere of elegance!

Being greeted by classy volunteers at the front door was a sign that the program to follow would be amazing. The tables were adorned with dainty pink, white and gold decorations. The panelists on stage shared a variety of advice from their life experiences. The talented club members shared their gifts through poetry and dance that left the audience in amazement!

A variety of female business owners were an inspiration for all attendees to step out to discover their potential successfully with professionalism. The advice about their services and products displayed was encouraging and made the Brown Skin Girl Conference a well-organized, informative event.

Hats off to Tonchelle Lucas for an impressive conference that was extremely beneficial and rewarding to give hope for women to be supportive of each other, have faith in themselves and move forward for a better legacy!

Maya Angelou, a prolific writer, actress and poet, once stated: “When you know better, you do better.” The Brown Skin Girl Conference has led the way in 2020 for everyone to follow — to do and be better!

Jacquie Jeffers


The writer is a member of the N.C. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission.