The demise of a political party

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The only way by which a rabid animal can be eliminated is by killing it, thus safeguarding the health of a community. One of the political parties has been acting for some time now like a rapid beast. Its members display foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Semitism, inchoate and economically destructive environmental plans, disregard for national borders and risible pronouncements accusing the president of treasonous behavior in spite of multitudinous investigations showing otherwise; these provide a clear picture of the Democrats’ malaise and infirm mental state.

Now, like a cornered beast, the Democrats are ramping up their attacks and renewing the calls for impeachment and yet more fruitless investigations. As an example, Nancy Pelosi, on her way to a meeting with the president, insulted the him by baldly accusing him of a cover-up. Trump was apprised of the comments prior to the meeting. He reacted angrily and abruptly left.

Pelosi’s provocation is just another indication of her party’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith preferring, instead, to lash out like a beast whose brain has been ravaged by disease, thereby rendering it incapable of rationality.

The end of this infirm creature may be close as Americans reject the Democrats’ irrational, immoral and increasingly irrelevant policies and pronouncements. A factoid illustrating this is that, during April, the Republican National Committee raised close to $16 million while the Democratic National Committee brought in $6.6 million. The RNC has zero debt while the DNC is in the hole for $6.2 million.

The Democrats may be committing seppuku with their unrelenting assaults on traditional America and will, by themselves, remove the threat to American greatness. A relieved nation will not mourn their passing.

Julia Yancey