The ‘Three Liberaleers’ falsely blame Trump for hate, discord

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Re: “Caravan fears, citizenship change vanish after Election Day,” by Deborah A. Baro, Monday:

The Times should caution parents to protect their children from venomous letters such as this because it will surely provoke nightmares. It reminds me of an adult rattlesnake that has just filled the bunny rabbit with deathly poison.

The three Liberaleers; Ms. Baro, Dave Hager and last but not least, Nick Smith, are pouring on the hate mail in a failed attempt to convince the commonsense American people that all hatred is a product of Mr. Trump and his supporters and all the time, it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that these three Liberaleers and their socialist cohorts are the perpetrators of this hate. When they write, you can assume hatred in full red dress with horns.

Last week, Mr. Hager had his turn, today Ms. Baro and soon Mr. Smith will submit his broken record of 50 ways to hate Mr. Trump. In fact, Mr. Smith doesn’t need to write a new letter periodically, just call the Times and ask for a repeat on his last letter.

Ms. Baro’s letter today is a demonstration of free speech allowed by our Constitution. The Constitution does not outlaw guns by citizens as she advocates. Nor does it allow our nation to become a majority of undocumented and criminal Central Americans with the right to vote which, of course, would give Ms. Baro and her democracy destroyers a vast majority in all three branches of our government and finalize our nation’s descent into socialism.

Here are a few items that demonstrate hate at its maximum that the Three Liberaleers of hate do not dare mention. Let’s start with one of their favorite cohorts, a leading sponsor of hatred, Rep. Maxine Waters, who directed and ordered her constituent thugs to search out, mock, harass, insult and threaten anyone who might be a Trump supporter. Or, a few nights ago, members of their fellow haters, gathered in front of Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson’s home, scared his family half to death and threatened him with the chant “We know where you live.” They even banged on the front door.

And let’s not forget not so long ago, the leftist student vandals who physically forced a university dean from his office and before finally leaving, defecated on his desk. Or, how about the Judge Kavanaugh insurrections by their ruffians who chanted and ruffled Republican senators and attempted to knock down the Supreme Court doors?

Carl Hinson