Those good people among us

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Last Friday night’s assignment with The Wilson Times sports department was to trek to Hunt High and staff the varsity boys basketball game between Hunt and Smithfield-Selma.

The evening appealed. The matchup promised to be — and was — competitive to the final whistle. No issues occurred and the contest concluded soon enough to provide a realistic time frame for meeting deadline.

But because of poor judgment, trouble lurked.

The Warriors rallied to victory in a great game. That part of the evening progressed worry-free. The problem was caused by a pregame development.

Upon arriving at the school, I promptly realized the parking area beside the gym was filled. Plenty of parking was available on the other side of the school.

But my recourse was parking in an area below the gym that was not paved. The parking space was soggy — but somewhat grassy.

But upon returning to the vehicle after the game, I found the conditions had deteriorated. The space now was a muddy mess as the rain continued.

Apprehension reigned.

I tried easing my car out of the space and almost made it — almost. Various maneuvers were unsuccessful. And my ride’s four-cylinder engine didn’t possess enough “umph” to power back onto the paved driveway.

I was about to seek assistance from nearby Wilson County Sheriff’s deputies when good Samaritans appeared out of the night and drizzle.

Chris, Julia and Tyson Bass, along with Hunt coach Andrew Alphin, didn’t ask if they could help. They took charge.

With the aid of a pickup and a strap, my car, within minutes, was removed from the muck. The embarrassed but deeply appreciative driver sputtered off into the night.

An indication of a misplaced priority, his fear of missing deadline and not providing a report the next morning on a thrilling outcome vanished.

Call me unprofessional or non-objective, but I have a feeling that future athletic endeavors for Tyson and Ryan Bass that I witness will be looked upon favorably.

Despite the anxiety, reflecting upon last Friday evening is uplifting.

Despite this old world’s rickety state, or the impression that being liberal or conservative and/or Republican or Democrat seems more important than right or wrong; or attempting to be politically correct winds up being politically incorrect; or a murmur of dissent destroying tradition and history, wonderful people remain among us that are ready and willing to help.

Just another reason I hope to spend my remaining days in this community — where a shortage of compassionate individuals does not exist.

Thanks all and Happy Holidays!