Trump critic preemptively pans Fourth speech

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Re: “Trump shouldn’t cheapen Fourth with partisan potshots,” by Ann Y. Barnes, Monday:

Why don’t you get a big “I Hate Trump” stamp and place it on your forehead so all will know? I’m sure you are so hate-filled you would boo a cancer cure if it was announced by President Trump.

I happen to be one of those Americans who, when called on, went to war. Mine was Vietnam. I remember coming home to people filled with so much hate that we were being spat on, cursed at and taunted. Proud Americans all. However, you doth protest too soon. You have no idea what the president plans to say. Maybe he’s going to call you up to the White House to present you with the Presidential Medal of Honor for your superior service to our country.

You hammer the president. What do you think those 20-some “Dogpatch Democrats” trying to sleaze their way to the top of the barrel will be doing on the Fourth? If you think they’ll be eating hot dogs and shooting Roman candles, then you’ve been smoking a little too much of that wacky tobaccky. The only difference is they may not be standing at the Lincoln Memorial.

Our president is trying to do things to make life better for Americans. The Democrats seem to be living in fairy land. You’ve forgotten the thousands and thousands of homeless in New York, LA, San Francisco and other big cities. You’ve forgotten the poor and the homeless vets, but you want to make sure all the illegal immigrants have free medical and education and just let them flock into our country.

One of the candidates the other night when asked the first thing he would do if elected said he would give every American $1,000. You do the math and start emptying your pocketbook.

My suggestion is that you gather with your family for the Fourth. Have a hot dog, drink a beer and shoot some fireworks. I say God bless America and let’s all work in a positive manner to “Make America Great Again.”

Arthur B. Tozzi