Trump, GOP are chickenhawks counting blood money

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Re: “Who are America’s true traitors?” by Mark Levin, Friday:

Jan. 25 was the morning your letter appeared attacking Deborah Baro. I could not be more elated, as it is the same date of the predawn raid on Roger Stone in Florida.

I assume you know Roger Stone? Trump adviser for decades, and I will refrain from comment on the rumors of their inappropriate behaviors in private together. However, I will comment on the ever-tightening noose around the neck of the chief executive.

You, as one of the background singers at Trump rallies — a Trumpette — relish our “porn-again” un-American President, Donald J. “Grab ‘em by the p----” Trump and support him again and again despite his never-ending negative blunders.

Your quiz seems to be an obscure reviling of HRC as a presidential candidate. I agree. She was the second-most polarizing political figure of the 20th century. Now she has been replaced. Nevertheless, she was a bad, unethical choice for the DNC to put forward by dishonest means.

As to the rest, I’m certain you were not discussing Trump as regards to Vietnam medals because Ol’ Bluff and Bluster Bone Spurs didn’t go. At least Bush served in the Champagne Squadron in the Air Force Tactical Air Command protecting us from attack from the Central American air forces.

And it wasn’t HRC who committed treason by outing a CIA operative that led to the death of so many agency operatives abroad. That was Scooter Libby by way of Dick Cheney.

Trump funds and supports Saudi Arabia, which is home base and funding source for those Middle Easterners who would abuse, defame and abuse women. All GOP funding from the Petroleum Club in Houston is tainted by that blood money.

In short, be careful which Liberalteer you attack.

Dave Hager