Trump on pace for historically productive presidency

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It’s baffling to me why people will always condemn an individual for service to the people of the United States; especially an individual who relinquished control of a business worth billions in order to perform that service. Our current president has done just that. Yet there is a large segment of the U.S. population who won’t give him credit for the accomplishments he’s put in action during the short time he has been in office.

In the first 500 days of President Donald J. Trump’s presidency, organizations have identified more than 60 things he’s accomplished. Many believe he’s done more that any president other than Franklin D. Roosevelt. Here are just few:

• Followed through on his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

• Has led an unprecedented global campaign to achieve the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

• Secured historic increases in defense funding in order to rebuild our nation’s military after years of harmful sequester.

• Despite limited resources and obstruction from Congress, he has worked to take control of our border and enforce our immigration laws following the rule of law.

• His administration has cracked down on the import and distribution of illegal drugs.

• Signed legislation to bring more accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs and provide our veterans with more choice in the care they receive.

• Successfully eliminated the penalty for Obamacare’s burdensome individual mandate.

• Seeking to provide more affordable health coverage and broader access to affordable alternatives to Obamacare plans.

• Ensuring the religious liberties and conscience of Americans are protected and respected by the federal government.

• He’s enacted a tax cut that has put more money in the pockets of all wage earners.

• His policies have revived a stagnant economy, providing growth and some of the lowest unemployment numbers in history for various segments of the employment market.

President Trump has put his business aspirations on hold to assist this nation. It’s time for the hate mill to stop and give credit where it’s due.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount