Trump operates on mob boss mentality

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The Mafia method is to prolong, disperse, delay and avoid the law and certainly politics. It’s about power, avoiding jail via some kind of result. Often the mob eliminates or threatens and enforces by killing.

What makes things honest is openness and integrity. Recently I’ve read four times that immigrants are “taking away jobs from white people.” There are good things in the white supremacist, Nazi party, mob mentality promise: “If you break the law supporting Trump, he will pay your way out.”

Via debt, Trump associates with the United States’ known enemy, Russia, favoring the alleged killer Putin. We don’t blink after three years of lies and the famous line “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

We’ve become immune and expectant. Instead of Akbar the Magnificent, we have Trump the Liar. He’s never wrong and has never apologized. He always blames someone, yet the USA becomes more isolated. We’re not better off with his deals in North Korea and Iran or on health care or prescriptions.

Donald Trump never does homework. Yet we teach kids to do homework and increase their integrity. Obama had an American birth certificate. Mexico didn’t pay — its leaders refused outright. Farmers realized tariff lies cause “produce rot” — business losses. Our debt is trillions higher, not lower. Out west, we’re short 285,000 workers and here in the east it’s 141,000, leading to increased produce prices. Americans don’t fill these jobs. We needed immigrant labor. Trump’s tax cut hasn’t offset the tariffs’ cost on the middle class.

Putin invaded Crimea. Yet Trump sought Russian loans, then softened sanctions, putting Russia back in power. We’ve lost integrity and diplomatic leverage. Trump lies daily, backstabbing his own CIA, FBI and Justice Department.

Trump’s swamp has seen 44-plus departures, 14 people indicted and seven sentencing reviews. Republicans and the evangelicals make Trump infamous. They’re supporting a mob boss mentality — crisis and chaos.

Bob Plesha

Elm City