Trump opponents shouldn’t obstruct America’s growth

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We are sick and tired of the continuous diatribes of bitter criticism launched against our president. Derogatory discourse is not helpful at all. I am reminded of the old homily, “If you can’t say something good about a person, don’t say anything.”

The Democratic mantra is to denigrate conservatism as “conservative blather.” The Dems accuse Trump supporters of being fearmongering, lying racists. The Dems declare the booming economy reports as propaganda. They are afraid to admit that people have more money in their pockets, more confidence in their government and business growth.

A proper attitude is to wish whoever is president success for the good of the country.

Trump’s rallies are effective because he is speaking a lot of truth. The people’s “screaming” is not because of hating others, but because the rallies are hilarious. They are having fun. Taxpayers are not stupid. They know that government supporting millions of immigrants will be expensive and they will have to pay. Maxine Waters’ advice to “attack Republicans in restaurants, train stations” or wherever is so repulsive that it cannot be compared to Trump’s speeches.

It is necessary to revoke certain citizenship regulations that have become obsolete over the years. He is a builder, a doer. He is inventive, and the people like this. Why waste years doing nothing to benefit the American people because one hates that Trump won the presidency?

Lenore P. Smith