Trump projects his hatred, fear of modern America

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President Trump is projecting again. By accusing the “Squad” of hating America, he is revealing his own feelings. It’s the president’s modus operandi — a maladaptive defense mechanism he uses consistently to cope with feelings he knows are undesirable. It’s the president who hates America, but subconsciously he projects his own feelings onto others as he has recently done to the “Squad.” He accuses others of his own sins.

Despite his lofty hyperbole, his flag-hugging and his “Make America great again,” what he really means is he loves an America of the past when minorities and the poor were suppressed and at the mercy of those in control.

The truth is that it’s he who hates and surely fears the America of today. The evolution of collective conscience striving to fulfill the promise of our democratic republic — equal representation and the recognition of civil and human rights threatens his power, his control and most of all, his ego. It is no wonder he is so attracted to leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un. They are his kind of people.

The “Squad” doesn’t hate America, but I suspect they, as I, do hate the kind of America the president wants and is working so hard to recreate.

My political instincts are telling me that he may have “jumped the shark” Wednesday night in Greenville, which was further reinforced Thursday by his after-the-fact disavowal of the “send her back” chant. That, along with his blatant lie that he tried to stop it by talking quickly after it started, is the president once again trying to rewrite history to exonerate himself and to correct his foolishness in thinking that there are more like him than there really are.

Surely, if George Wallace couldn’t convince us that discrimination and division was good for America in the ‘60s, Donald Trump won’t be able to do it a half century later in 2020.

Nancy Nichols Hawley


The writer is president of the Democratic Women of Wilson County.