Trump supporters must condemn cruelty to children

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When the history of this presidential administration is written, one of the worst aspects of it will be the deliberate cruelty shown to children beginning in detention centers and now in Mississippi where they were left to fend for themselves after the recent ICE raids.

If Donald Trump is trying to emulate the worst of Andrew Jackson, perhaps this is as close as he can get to the “Trail of Tears.” Spare me the comments about following “the law.” This president and his cronies have never cared about laws, except when the laws can be twisted to their own benefit. In addition, his followers have pushed aside everything but their blind loyalty and misplaced idolatry.

Most of these followers, however, would never personally harm a child. They are distancing themselves from the harsh reality of crying children imprisoned in squalor by remarks like,”I don’t follow politics” or “It’s the parents’ fault.” But make no mistake: If you support this president, then it is time to own the fact that you willingly condone children in U.S. custody warehoused in misery on U.S. soil under an American flag.

It is time to own the fact that private companies are profiting from the suffering of little children in dismal for-profit camps, where the few medical professionals who were allowed entry have expressed horror at the overall conditions. As long as you choose to look the other way, this is being done in your name .

No person of faith, no person of conscience, no person with a shred of common decency can condone these policies. The silence and utter cowardice of both the Republican members of Congress and all the supporters who stand by in silent consent will haunt their party for a generation, and deservedly so.

Ann Yelverton Barnes