Trump’s accomplishments in office deserve respect

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Re: “Criticizing presidents an American tradition,” by Matthew Flint, Friday:

I have read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and everything else as well. Please do not attempt to advise me on what I was taught and what I learned in school. I referenced a title to which the president is given. I called you “Mr.,” which is a title. If you don’t want to wear the title, then that is your choice. It is a matter of respect.

My response to both Mr. Leach and you, Mr. Flint, is also legally protected speech. It appears we are in agreement that in other countries, Mr. Leach would be doing hard labor, executed — publicly or privately, but dead either way — or imprisoned.

So you find President Barack Hussein Obama’s name offensive? On that we totally agree!

I noted that you only criticized my responses referencing the POTUS personally. So we must, by default, be in agreement that President Donald John Trump has done great things while in office! Unemployment is at an all-time low, the number of jobs have increased, more people are off welfare than ever before, etc. Do you really want to move backward?

At this point I want to move forward and support President Donald John Trump. I want a border wall; I want protection from illegal immigrants who are criminals; heck, I want protection from all criminals — domestic and foreign. I want Congress to have to purchase private health care; I want my Social Security that I have paid to be left alone; I want other countries to respect us instead of trying to kill all of us based on their religious beliefs, I want congressmen to stop making idiotic “pork barrel” requests, etc. So far, President Donald John Trump is doing something about all of the aforementioned.

You are very vocal, so continue your criticism of President Donald John Trump personally. Then my final question to you is this: Exactly who and what are you supporting?

Again, we may become close friends, Mr. Flint. And if you believe that, maybe you can help Mr. Leach find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails so we can end that debate as well.

Lorraine Edwards