Trump’s ‘incompetence’ looks a lot like success

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Ask any Democrat and he or she will tell you Donald Trump is totally incompetent and has destroyed our country. Listening to the Democratic debates, you soon learn that Trump has led us down the road to total ruin. You know what this guy had the nerve to do?

First, he lowered taxes, benefiting all taxpayers, created more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them, created record low unemployment, reduced business regulations and reduced capital gains taxes, causing the stock market to reach historic levels. If this wasn’t enough, black unemployment is at the lowest level in history of our country, the fewest people are on government assistance in decades and recent data shows that household incomes are rising at 4-5% a year for the last two years. It is hard to imagine someone being this incompetent.

And then to top it off, he has proposed a border wall and immigration reform to stop the flow of drugs and criminals entering the United States. Arrested 796 MS-13 gang members along with 228 illegal aliens affiliated with MS-13. ICE arrested more than 127,000 aliens with criminal records, such as drug, assault, sexual assault, kidnapping and homicide. Sounds to me like this man has lost his mind.

But it doesn’t stop there. This crazy fool overturned Obama’s regulation prohibiting states from defunding certain abortion facilities. Proposed a Title X rule to help ensure taxpayers do not fund the abortion industry. How can any human being be against abortions and the selling of baby body parts? He has to be insane.

When you go to the polls next year, remember the liberal Left and Democrats are here to save the day with their socialist agenda. We have a responsibility to turn this country around.

Remember to throw your garbage in the streets. Rats have to eat, too.

William E. Biddle